(I wish to be a Member of CWJF)

If you practise CW and would like to be MEMBER of the CWJF, the biggest group of CW of the South America, please send an e-mail ( with this below information. We inform that the value of the annual contribution is of U$25 or 20. Member Life ( Sending a single annuity : 50 ).

Information for registration :

Call :

Name :

Address :

City :

State :

Zip :

Country :

E-mail :

I understand that to become a member of the CWJF, I have to send the value of the annuity constant in the text above read by me.
The award of member of the group will only be sent after receiving the annuity.

Best way to send your annuity !
We now have the ability to use via Paypal

* Easy and Convenient
* Fast and safer
* No need for checks, postage or mail
* Automatically records and emails transactions

By Paypal to: