(I wish to be a Member of CWJF)

If you practise CW and would like to be MEMBER of the CWJF, the biggest group of CW of the South America, please send an e-mail ( with this below information. We inform that the value of the annual contribution is of U$25 or 20. For Lifetime Membership Category ( Send a single value: U$75 or 60 ).

Information for registration :

Call :

Name :

Address :

City :

State :

Zip :

Country :

E-mail :

I agree that to become a Member of the CWJF GROUP, I have to send the annuity amount that is in the text above read by me.

I am aware that the Group Member Certificate will only be sent by the Group once the annuity is received.

Best way to send your annuity !
We now have the ability to use via Paypal

* Easy and Convenient
* Fast and safer
* No need for checks, postage or mail
* Automatically records and emails transactions

By Paypal to: